Professionals who have skills and talent that are high in demand in certain Australian States or territory can apply for subclass 190 PR visa and settle in Australia permanently. To obtain this visa, an application must meet the eligibility criteria of Australia immigration, receive a State sponsorship,, score standard points and hold experience and nomination in any occupation listed under Australia’s Skilled Occupation List.

Specifications of the Program:

  • Permanent Resident Visa (multiple entry)
  • Validity period- 5 years
  • Involves Points Based Selection
  • Allows accompanying of family members
  • Involves a processing time of 8-12 months

Benefits of applying:

  • You can work for any company in the sponsored state
  • You can travel around anywhere Australia & New Zealand
  • Family gets Medicare sponsored healthcare benefits
  • Dependent children get free education in public schools
  • Apply for Citizenship in future and enjoy dual nationalities

Services included in the package:

1. Orientation & Document Checklist

Case Officer prepares customized Document Checklist as per your case file and prepares you for the process by providing a customized Orientation.

2. Skills Assessment

Guidance on documents required for Australia Skills Assessment will be provided. Plus, application for the Skills Assessment will be prepared and filed on your behalf.

3. Expression of Interest & State Sponsorship

EOI is an initial application that must be sent to Immigration authorities showing your interest to settle in Australia or respective state. This application will be prepared & filed on your behalf, along with a state sponsorship application.

4. Visa Documentation/Process

Updating of EOI whenever required, follow-up with Consulate, submission of documents, guidance on getting Medicals & PCC and all the formalities required for the Visa process will be performed.

5. Job Search Assistance

While the application is in process, your profile will be modified as per the Australian standards and Job Search Experts will help in searching for a relevant job in Australia.

6. Spouse Job Search Assistance:

Accompanying spouse job search assistance is also provided.

7. CRO/Legal Assistance

Any escalations that may arise in the case will be solved by CRO/legal experts.

8. IELTS/PTE Preparation Help

Assistance in slot booking and IELTS/PTE Academics preparation material will be provided.

9. Courier Formalities

Includes fees of Courier (agreements/documents)

10. Post Landing Service

Services like accommodation search assistance, airport drop, etc. will be provided.

Note: This package does not include Skills Assessment, State sponsorship, IELTS/PTE fees & PR fee.