It is a quota based visa for applicants who want to settle permanently in Quebec. Eligible applications are picked during the submission period on first come first serve basis.

Specifications of the Program:

  • Grants Permanent Residency Status
  • Points Based Eligibility
  • First-come First-serve Selection
  • Allows family immigration

Benefits of applying:

  • Requires Less IELTS Score
  • No competition of CRS
  • Visa holder gets healthcoverage
  • Ideal for candidates with less experience & no job offer

Services included in this package

1. Orientation & Document Checklist

Case Officer provides an orientation of the process post sign-up and guides with the list of documents required for first stage.

2. WES Application

Guidance on documents required for Educational Credential Assessment will be provided, plus application for the ECA will be prepared & filed on your on your behalf.

3. Mon Projet Account

Assigned case officer assists in the preparation of Mon Projet account and all the associated formalities.

4. Document Verification

The documents submission are verified thoroughly before submission to Quebec Mon Projet.

5. Application filing in French Language

The initial application is to be filed in French language. Case officer assists in filing for this application in the required language.

6. Job Search Assistance

While the application is in account, your Resume will be modified as per the Canadian standards and Job Search Experts will help in searching for a relevant job in Quebec.

7. Spouse Job Search Assistance

Accompanying spouse job search assistance is also provided.

8. Submission Period

Update of intake period will be given to you in prior. During the intake period, Case officer assists in submitting the application.

9. Post-submission formalities

Checklist of documents required for second stage application is shared. Likewise, after you submit documents to us verification is done and submitted, as per the process norms.

11. List of Panel Doctors & PCC filing request

Assistance in obtaining of medicals and help in filing for PCC request is provided.

12. CRO/Legal Assistance

Any escalations that may arise in the case will be solved by CRO/legal experts.


This package does not include ECA fees, Visa fee, Right to PR fee etc.