The Critical Skills Visa is issued to eligible applicants in accordance with Critical Skills List. This list features all the occupations have a critical skills shortage and candidates of these occupations are highly demanded in South Africa. Through this visa, eligible candidates can enter into South Africa, look for work opportunities and apply for permanent residency in order to settle there permanently.

Specifications of the Program:

  • Open Work Permit or Temporary Resident Visa
  • Visa validity- 1 yr (ext upto 5yrs)
  • Occupation must be listed on Critical Skills List
  • Family can accompany
  • Involves Processing time of 2-3 months

Benefits of applying:

  • No English language assessment is required to apply
  • No job offer required to enter into S.A
  • No fixed quota for occupations in Critical Skills List
  • No requirement of Labor Recommendation/Certification
  • Visa with less obligations on employers

Services included in this package:

1. Orientation & Document Checklist

Case Officer prepares customized Document Checklist as per your case file and prepares you for the process by providing a customized Orientation.

2. SAQA Application

Guidance on documents required for Qualification Assessment will be provided, plus application for the SAQA will be prepared & filed on your on your behalf.

3. Visa Application & Documentation

Service of visa application along with document submission to the Embassy, VFS application etc. is provided.

Note: This package does not include SAQA fees, VFS Fee, VFS Courier fee, Embassy Fee etc.