With an aim to welcome a large of number Engineering graduates and fill the skills gap of the Engineering sector, the Australia Government and DIBP introduced Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa (subclass 476). Through this visa, a fresh Engineering graduate can study, live or gain a work experience of 18 months in Australia.

Specifications of the Program:

  • Temporary Resident Visa/Work Permit
  • Validity period- 18 months
  • Involves a processing time of 80-90 days

Benefits of applying:

  • No work experience required to apply
  • Does not follow points based selection- direct application
  • Dependent can accompany

Services included in the package:

1. Orientation & Document Checklist

Case Officer prepares customized Document Checklist as per your case file and prepares you for the process by providing a customized Orientation

2. Skills Assessment

Guidance on documents required for Australia Skills Assessment will be provided. Plus, application for the Skills Assessment will be prepared and filed on your behalf.

3. English Language Assessment help

Assistance in slot booking & English language preparation material will be provided.

4. Visa Documentation/Process

Follow-up with Consulate, submission of documents, guidance on getting Medicals & PCC and all the formalities required for the Visa process will be performed.