Resume Writing Services help your profile reach the highest reachability for the overseas opportunities. 98% of the profiles are not reached to the recruiter’s desk since, the resumes are lacking with the required keywords of the recruiter. Our team follows the guidelines of the ATS or the Application Tracking System to make your Resume viewed by the top overseas recruiters.

Specifications of the Program:

  • Assistance in preparing resumes as per country standards
  • Cover Letter Preparation as a Complimentary Service
  • Preparation of Resumes by using the guidelines of ATS
  • Creation of New LinkedIn Profile

Benefits of applying:

  • Advance Resume Writing Preparation
  • Reachability to Overseas Recruiters
  • Expert writing to pass through Top Applicant Tracking Systems

Services included in this package:

Advance Resume Writing

Our specialized team of resume writing prepares the best resume according to the country standards and by following the guidelines of the Application tracking system.

Cover Letter – Complimentary Service

A new cover letter preparation is provided as a complimentary for the process.

Creation of New LinkedIn Profile

New LinkedIn profile is created to advance the chances of overseas careers.