A Mock Interview is a useful way to prepare for a real Immigration interview in achieving the success towards Visa approval. We allow you to practice interviewing in a similar setting, so that you can feel comfortable with the environment. We will train you what a mock interview and how you can prepare.

Specifications of the Program:

  • You Can participate in Mock Interviews
  • You can practice different with responses to the similar questions to find the best answer.
  • Instead of choosing and memorizing one answer, you can feel comfortable responding with highlights that best fit the question and setting.

Benefits of applying:

  • Attending mock interviews may reduce the Nervousness.
  • Student becomes familiar with the setting and types of questions encounter during Visa interview.
  • Tips on personality development which can boost your Confidence
  • Well designed Training section with 5 to 7 sections
  • Training provide you with constructive feedback in a low-stress environment